Saturday, 28 September 2013

The beginning is always hard / WELCOME!


(or not?!?)

  My name is Cecilia. This blog is going to be about my thoughts of life, about the moments in my life and some photos ( cuz I love taking them! lol). I want you to know that this blog is about my point of view of this crazy world, I don't want to hurt anybody so don't take it personal.

  The word on the beginning takes mine attention. I don't know you. But I really mean it by saying it! Welcome here! It may be the way I'm representing myself. But not always people mean it. You may see everywhere a sign telling you "Welcome here." But how do you know that you are really welcomed on that place .. ?

  I have seen a picture of a front-door and in front of them, there was a rug with sign "Welcome". But the way when you were leaving you could see a sign "Finally" .. Isn't that so mean? I wouldn't buy that rug .. or I may, but I would hide it while I'm waiting for a important visitors. Because there are some people that they don't have the same sense of humor. Poor people .. hahaha

  I have started so seriously, because I want you to think that I'm such a seriously person .. I'm not. I love irony. Sorry, for not being sorry .. :)

Have a great day!


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