Monday, 21 October 2013

Happy birthday (?)

Great, I'm seventeen!


Let's see what tomorrow will bring.

I'm 17!! Ha!

But it wasn't the best birthday ever. With my mom and brother, we took train home from Kosice. In the second train there was an accident. Somebody sucided himself by jumping under our train!!!! It's horrible!

Why people do this? Why don't they look for another way? Suicide isn't a solution to your problems! It's just and another problem! I won't lie. I have been thinking about suicide myself. But then, there are so many people, I think I would miss. Or at least I this there is somebody else without the family .. And I know God has very interesting plans for me and I'm looking forward to perform them!

My new crushes on songs:

Passenger- Let her go

Ylvis- Jan Egeland


Love, Cecilia

Keep calm and pro-life!

Never give up!

This picture is from my sweet sixteen birthday party in the Georgia last year with my amazing host family! On the left behind me is my host mom, in the middle behind me is my amazing super smart aunt and on the right in the back is another aunt. I miss them so much!!

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