Friday, 11 October 2013

Pochod za život 2013 / Pro-life march

 "We are not against somebody, we are pro-life in entire family."

Throwback to the one of the best weekends I have ever had. It was the first march against abortion in Slovak history, and it was the second biggest march in Slovak history ever! There was almost 80 000 people!! And I was there too.

It was much better then I could have imagine and I don't regret that I went there. I felt even better because I was a little part of something that big! I'm so stunned!

I left on the Saturday morning (21.9.2013), we took the train and we went for I think 6-7hours to the second biggest city in Slovakia, Košice. This traveling was horrible! I was sleeping, eating but still I was so BORED! I was sitting with my friend and we were talking. One man, joined our conversation. It was little bit interesting, at least because he said that he believe in the life after death (I don't know that word in english). He said that he knows that he was Jew during the second World War, and he was killed by the Germans, he said he's scared of being under water because they drowned him. Later, he left and an another man came in. He was catholic. He had really interesting talk with my friend. It was even more interesting because I could have seen the difference in believes. I didn't really talk with any of them, but I was listening and thinking..

When we came to Košice, we walked to the Salesians's center,we left our stuff there and we went to the city to see some of the program. Me and my friend, we went to one of the lecture, but it wasn't as interesting as we thought it will be so we left and we were walking around, taking pictures and laughing .. so much fun! In the evening we were walking to the Infinity arena, to see some concerts and later we went back to the Salesian's center.

Next morning was Sunday, we went to the mass and later we left our stuff on the train station in the luggage area and we went to the square, by the time we got there, there were that many people that you couldn't move around, not even to breath .. but it was amazing, to see how many people came just to support this event! I kinda lost my friend in the crowd, but late fortunately we found each other and joined the march. We walked 2 km, we came back to the square and we went to the train station, so the train won't leave without us.

I didn't have a lot of sleep, but the way I felt the next morning was like "Did it really happen??" haha let's see what the future brings and enjoy every moment of the life!

Here are some more photos:

All pictures were taken by me. Of course not the ones I'm on.



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