Saturday, 9 November 2013


With my sister in Aberystwyth, last picture with her.

The day when I was leaving in Senica.

 The train that took me from Birmingham INTL to Aberystwyth. 
In the plane I met some people from Slovakia and after we landed I asked them if they know how do I get to the train station (the train station was suppose to be close from the airport, but I didn't know where to go, so I was looking for somebody to go with me.) And while we were talking one another men from Slovakia joined our conversation and said that he will take me there. And he said that he will wait outside after the passport control. He was faster so when I walked out I didn't see him so I started looking after some arrows to find train station. I kinda turned around and I saw him so I waited until he came to me and we walked to the train (which takes people between the airport and the train station.) We talked and he was so sweet because he didn't even went to the train, we had car there, but he walked with me to the waiting room and he helped me to find the platform. He was so cute and sweet. But I don't know his name. :( Later I was waiting for the train and around midnight I came to the Aberystwyth and I met my sister!

These pictures are from the first day while I was waiting until my sister's lecture finishes. I was just walking around with her amazing camera.

Some more pictures from the promenade.

I had fish&chips for the first time in my life!! It was very oily but still so good!!

The day before I left I went for a walk. It was raining (it wasn't a surprise- it's Wales! -_-). I found this super creepy-quiet cemetery. I loved it!

But what was really funny- I got lost! Haha. I was suppose to meet with my sister in front of her hall around 12.30am. And day before she showed me a shorter way how to get from the university to her hall so I went following my memory. But I turned to the left instead of right. And I walked for I think 2-3km and the rain started being so heavy. I walked all the way to the new college. And even my raincoat started to be wet, my shoes were full of water .. it was deppressing and funny at the same time. I knew my sister will be mad because she needed to leave to her work and she wanted to give me keys of her room so I can stay there. And yes, she was mad. -_- Anyway, it was a great end of my autumn's break. The same evening we went to the Halloween train. We dressed like a vampire and the victim and we kinda made too much of film blood. The kids in the train thought that my sister really bit me. Haha

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