Thursday, 9 January 2014

New Year, new start

Happy New Year everybody!!

The school just started, snow still hasn't come and bad grades are already in here. That sucks ... I had really good Christmas I got to spend them with my family, finally after a year. It was very peaceful. I got some books, some socks, pants, and a ticket to a Ski camp.
After a New Year's Eve in Bratislava, I left with my brother. We said bye to my sister and we went to Rackova dolina, it's in Low Tatras. I met some amazing people, I exchanged some pretty cool ides of life and I got to ski! During the camp I called my sister because she was supposed to leave to college but her uni is next to the Atlantic sea and got floated! So she couldn't leave and I could see her again!! So happy 'bout it!
Here are some pictures:

Thank you for reading my blog! Have an amazing year! I'm thinking of every of you!

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