Friday, 31 January 2014

Not normal

Hello there!

I'm sorry I didn't write a lot past weeks.
It started snowing yesterday, but today was very windy and raining, so it just left as fast as it came...

I just finished my first semester with some good grades. I like it. Maybe it wasn't the best end, but still, I'm happy about it!

I brought some cookies (made of honey, walnuts, and a lot of oatmeal) everybody in my school liked it! Makes me happy. We had a mass at the morning and lately we got our grade sheets and I went with some of my classmates to play floorball. Some older students from our school came too, so it was much fun! But (there wouldn't be a day without BUT) I caused an injury ... She was so mad at me, even it wasn't on purpose ... But what is very irritated about it is, anytime anything happens, it is always between me and this girl. Not even funny.

Yesterday there was a floorball competition. There were a lots of teams, so we played the first game, the one before the last and the last one. It started on 8.30am and ended around 1.00pm. It was so long. During the time between the first and the next game I even forgot how to play! Haha
We got beautiful third place!

 The person in the middle of the picture is me... Haha But it was a great day! I was with one other teammate the ones who scored! It was a great feeling.

An another experience I had this month is, I went with my brother on the 2nd of January to a ski camp. I haven't done skiing since last year (February2013). This year I went with this camp organization. I loved it! I met some great new people, some pretty boys (not joking haha) and I ski a lot! I just have to say, I missed skiing. But I already have wrote about this and some pictures too.

I'm looking forward the next month. I have to start to be more precise about the studying and I have to be the right person.

Hope I will make it the best.

Have a great day!



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