Wednesday, 26 February 2014


"The end is only there, where you say so."

The other day, I was with my cousin. We talked, and I realized how different opinions we have and how fast we grow. It even amazes me more, when I think of the life of mine.

I have grown in a strong catholic family. Yes, of course, growing up in a catholic family doesn't have to make you to be a catholic. It's about everyday's decisions you have to make to grow up in the life you live. It's also about giving up on things or the actions you want to do, but because of the - Ten Commandments. But even 'not-catholic' person, at least I think, must choose everyday between doing 'right or not right' thing. Between 'good or bad'. I, you, us- we all need to have an intelligent conscience. We need to know how to cooperate.

How can anyone kill a human life and the very next day feel as nothing never happened? What about the abortion? Is it right? No, I'm totally against it! Not even if somebody was raped. It's still God's gift. Yes, it's hard to take it. Not even my brain totally agree with it. It's actually really hard to imagine something that you have never had in your life.

My thoughts are becoming kind of out. Let's go.


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