Sunday, 23 February 2014

Evening mood

"I don't want a perfect look, or a perfect character. I just wanna be perfect for you." -CM

What does even mean to you the word "perfect"? A dictionary will give you this:

"conforming absolutely to the description or definition of an ideal type"

And there can be also a question- who is perfect?
In the quote I made up, I wanna be perfect for you. Why do I want to be perfect? Isn't it because you fool around? You make me think about you and why you don't mean it seriously? I just want to be seriously in one thing- leave me (in this way of understanding) alone! 
Don't make me feel useless, ugly or even stupid.

That doesn't make you a gentlemen.
I just realized that I have to go sleep after 9pm, because later I usually get a weirdish-bad mood and I just wanna be in USA again.

Have you heard that is good to write a diary about your feelings? (It was in the newspaper from 1999) lol. I found these in our school. Isn't that funny?


Have you heard about the Ukrainian problems? And I'm suppose to go there during summer. Fortunately the president run away and they are going to have a new elections for the parliament and later for the president. I'm happy about it, because they had even started to kill people! 
Not good, not at all.

We went horse riding today. I was so scared because we had to cross the river and I was scared that my horse will get scared or whatever .. yes! I'm alive.

Goodnight my loved!

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