Friday, 7 February 2014

Past week

Hello there!

I'm sick.
 My brother infected me. I feel awful!
I didn't sleep well last night, everything hurts me and I had to stay at home.
Looks like it will be pretty boring weekend. I was supposed to go on two birthday parties but I won't be able to go.  Eww!
Hopefully I will be able to go on Monday to school, because I hate staying home! Usually I don't have anything to do ...
So now, I'm writing a new blog, even I don't really have anything to talk about.

Sometimes I just don't understand how can be boys such jerks! I don't usually care about boys. I used to care, but now. I just didn't have a reason to care if they like me or not. I was just happy-singe butt.
Writing about how much you miss me and how much you want to be with me teases me! Even writin how much you like me and you want to date online with me? I'm like, what the fuck? ... Help me please!
Not trying to say I don't want to date someone, but I'm 17. And let's be honest- I'm really not ready for the marriage. And I think that dating without perspectivity of marriage doesn't make any sense. Sorry guys who want to date me (I know there are a "lots" of you! lol)

I guess I have nothing else to say.

love, Cecilia

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