Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Rebellion against yourself

When I look at these pictures of me, I can see a young women. I don't feel like her, even I truly am her. Do you know that feeling like, BOOM, and you just feel like you woke up from some dream. Or feeling like you are not actually in your body. Sometimes I feel like a stranger even to myself. That's terrible! Not like I don't like myself, but being out of myself is sometimes better than hard reality.

This outfit is suppose to show my rebellion against World's rules. At first, I don't usually wear torn nylons, I think this is the main rebellion point in this outfit. Everybody in school commented my nylons, but surprisingly I felt even better. :) I'm not sure about myself anymore, I love doing, trying and talking about new things and I hope you can feel the point of this outfit.

Thanks for reading!

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