Friday, 25 April 2014

Why do we have ony 7 days in a week?! Not enough!

Having 7 days in a week means to me that I can only wear 7 outfits. I feel horrible about it. It's not like I have nothing to wear, I just have too many things, that 5 outfits (cuz of school) is just less than less. :-) I don't except you to understand my enthusiasm of fashion. 

Me and my sister were driving around and looking for a good place to take pictures from, it's was funny because it's in the middle of very long driveway. I went out of car, my sister didn't even go out of car, just sitting inside and taking pictures of me posing in front of her. I bet it looked funny! lol I hope you enjoy my combination.

 I'm wearing light denim pants from TESCO store line (the only one that have good pants for me!), simple black shirt, old black jacket (2nd hand) and my grandmothers shirt tight around my hips.

Have a great day!

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