Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Can you feel it?

Take a break to live. Stop yourself in the middle of the rush and breath. Breath the freedom, love, hope and fear in the air. Look around yourself like you are last time here. Last time being here, there anywhere.
Even in this small, dingily back street, breathing the air and hearing no cars or people. Perfect place in the middle of loud and crowded city.

I wondered today about the move 'In time'. Would time have more valuable for me if I lived in a world like was shown in the movie. Would you?
Find some time today for stopping yourself (not in the middle of crossing street lol) and think about the importance of the STOP.
I tried to show my impatience of waiting for something to happen. I hate waiting for any kind of person, thing, event. As much as I hate waiting I have confusion. You don't really know what are you on anymore. One day shows you how important you may be, next day you are nothing. CONFUSION and DEPRESSION go so 'good' together! @?/!$&


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