Sunday, 8 June 2014

Friends, music, God's love- LUMEN 2014


I can't describe perfectly how am I feeling right now. I'm full of happiness and I'm so tired. I'm confused about myself. I went to bed around 2.30am and in the morning some girls in the class I was sleeping in couldn't be quiet so they woke me up, trust me I felt like a crap(!).
I also felt like I need to update my blog until I will get into sleep because I'm full of emotions. I wish you could have experienced this amazing festival. It was more than a regular festival, because people came there to see God's abilities in singers and players and everybody!
There were a lot of unknown bands, but if you stand in front of the stage and listen, jump and scream, it doesn't matter that you don't know them, all that matters is all the people like you, jumping and screaming the same phrase- God loves me!
Here are few of the pictures, I have signatures of my favorites bands and pictures with them too. Now I understand if you want to have a famous band, the lead singer MUST be pretty! No kidding, I think I fell in love <3 haha

Big thank goes to my friend who traveled with me and had to confront my excitement and my craziness, another goes to my new friend :) I hope she will read this blog.

How was your weekend?

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