Monday, 30 June 2014

Scooter trip #3


I don't know about you, but I love when it's summer and it's raining outside, but as I'm home alone I have nothing to do, so I hate it! Yesterday I went to BranĨ, it's a ruined old castle (it doesn't look like a castle anymore, it's that old, there are only ruins) and I took some pictures. I told myself before going that I need to learn how to co-work with my camera. I hope you like my pictures, I tried my best at that moment.

Also, I love history. I love going to ruins, castles, old churches, or just to a ruined house. I love the atmosphere there. It's like old ghosts are still there, and the smell of them too. I wanna go back in time to see everyday's routine of people back then. I want to breath the air and feel the fear of past. I have a dream to build a time machine. I know, I know, but still I can have hope, right? lol And specially at this 'castle', after I closed my eyes, I could see a new castle, people in old clothes, women wearing long dresses, young children running around with a funny hats on. An envoy that came with some important message on a fast dark horse. And I wish I could describe it better, to show you, but I can't.

enjoy photos

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