Thursday, 3 July 2014

Mother-daughter bonding time


Today I went with my mom to Hodonin (Czech republic- whoohoo) and we did some second-hand shopping! It was lovely, I found a pink (I don't wear pink) skirt with glitters (I don't wear glitters either) but I fell in love with that skirt, so anyway, and simple black shirt. I'm very delighted! 
This was my outfit of today: DIY shirt (HERE), high waisted shorts and orthopedic shoes I'm in love with (♥). The shirt has pretty large holes for the arms so I wore my flower bikini top, not sure if it possible to see. 
Today was very sunny day compared to yesterday, I had first time in my life a bubble gum ice cream (HERE), it was good, but later I felt sick of it. Sorry Calippo! 


We went to a Fish Market and bought some pretty good fishes. I loved them! 

have wonderful days

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