Friday, 1 August 2014

Family bounding time


Exactly 2 yrs ago I had gone to USA for my exchange program! I'm so happy!  ^^
Yesterday we went to Bratislava to pick up my mom to the airport, but we got stock in a traffic jam, because of the accident on a highway. We were there for almost 1 hour! Annoying!
When we finally came to Bratislava we went to IKEA for lunch and then we walked through the store, and I fell in love with IKEA! Everything there is so beautiful! When I grow up, I will have my house designed in IKEA I promise! lol
Later we went to Senec to the lake, we swam and then we went home. It was such a nice day, nice weather and I was glad to spend some time with my family.
Enjoy the pictures!

My ootd:
skirt- Primark
shirt- H&M
shoes- Primark
swimsuit- F&F


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