Saturday, 13 September 2014

Malá Fatra, Slovakia; August 2014 -- day #1


The last weekend of the Summer I went with my family for a hike trip! We hiked two days, and slept in a mountain cottage for a night. It was wonderful. I even met people I know! What a surprise. :-) These pictures are from the first day (Sunday 31st, August).

We left about 1pm. Yes, we regraded it at 9.30pm when we weren't at the cottage! It was getting darker and colder and we didn't have any flash lights! Try to imagine it, at that moment I didn't realize the weight of the situation, but now I feel stupid thinking that we could survive. Fortunately some other men reached us, it was a miracle. They just showed out, they even had one more head flash light, so we got to the cottage without any injury. But it was close to get some. 
Well, what to say? GOD cares to one who believe! ♥
Enjoy pictures!


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