Sunday, 7 September 2014

Retro week

I am so sorry for not posting for such a long time! The school has started, my last year is here! Well, I'm looking forward the last day of it! lol But for now I'm stuck between home and school, studying and taking pictures.
I don't know if you remember I wrote once that I wanted to do one-week-fashion. And this week I was lucky enough to do it! I had a retro week! On first day of school I had this comeback, on Wednesday I had outfit from this post, on Thursday I had this comeback and on Friday I had an another dress, you'll see in a post about this weekend later!
This day (wednesday) was such interesting one! It was second day of my last year and after school on my way to train station with some friends we found a women that had fallen from the stairs and she was bleeding. We helped her, we called the emergency and it was pretty tense. I had blood all over my jacket (it's not on these pictures) and little bit got on my dress. I heard that she is still in the hospital. I felt so sorry for her, because I'm not sure who would help her if we didn't. You know, the racists problems. Also what was good about it, I realized how important was to listen on the First Aid lectures!
I hope your first days in schools were little bit easier, and hopefully we'll get over this year fast!
Enjoy pictures from my talented friend Lujza. :-)

dress is from Lujza's grandma, I have much more dresses from her, you may see them in future posts!


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