Thursday, 27 November 2014

Orange chocolate

what is up?
I am happy as much as I can be, and even more! I am officially a senior! We had senior prom (ribbon celebration, can you see that green ribbon on the right? That the reason why it is called Stužková in Slovak) on Saturday 22th (my name day!!). I don't have photos yet, but when I will have, I will post later. :)
Anyway, school is still standing, grades are growing and on Monday it may will be snowing! So excited about it, because I am planing to do a lot of snow photo sessions! Stay tuned for them!
This outfit doesn't have any special component, simple as coat can b. Hope you like it either way.

Enjoy! ♥

Photos by: Adam (it was very cold, so I am very thankful for it!:)


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