Saturday, 6 December 2014

CeciTravels #1

Hey guys!

I have been visiting Brno in Czech republic for almost every saturday since 4th of October and today I finally got to see a small part of this beautifully old city full of amazing architecture buildings. I met one boy which travels to Brno for the same reason as me (lectures and preparation for an admission test for medicine in Masaryk University) and together as today's lessons have ended, we walked to the train station, and because we had little bit more time, we walked up to the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul and also managed to eat fast lunch at the Christmas market. And exactly on time we arrived at train station and found out that the train was going to be delayed for 40minutes! Well, we met other friends and together we walked around and wasted time. lol
This type of posts (CeciTravels) will be about as you may already figured out. About photos from places I have been (so you can be jeallous, just kidding :)) Hopefully you'll like it.
Also to add, I enjoyed this day especially because I met about four new people and I am looking forward meeting more!

Also, I am very sorry that some photos are in very bad quality, after the whole day of taking photos I realized I had very high ISO (because of photos I took yesterday, you can see few on my facebook page)


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