Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Light as a fluff


firstly I want to wish you all Happy New Year! I know it's little bit late haha but better late than never.
You can see a new winter jacket. It's so warm I didn't even wear sweatshirt over my t-shirt! And today was like -5C (33F). I bought it last Saturday, after we took my sis to the airport, we were driving to Vienna, when right after we passed the city border, my mom remembered that she was there 20 years ago, in some kind of second-hand. But really special one! It was one huge parking lot, where people drove in with their cars and set outtheir old stuff for sell. It was super cheap, great selection (if you are a vingate person as me) and really easy to bargain over price (even thou I don't speak german haha). So I bought this jacket, it was originally for 15euro and I bought it for 8euro. It isn't new, but that is the back-draw of buying stuff in second-hands and places like this. Also I bought shirt, glasses and a original DVD- The Sims 2 University life, who also can't imagine their childhood without this game?? hahaha so many funny memories just came up to my mind. hahaha
Anyway, enjoy this outfit. I washed my hair in the morning so they were still little bit wet, so I didn't put my cap off, and it may looks like I cut my hair- please don't ever let that idea into your brain. SO WRONG!

thanks mom for pictures ♥


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