Sunday, 8 February 2015

Windy gray


so I am back for this post.
As you can see, new coat! (what a surprise, right? haha) I found it in TextileHouse, and as I regreted not buying one fur coat in the same shop  2 months ago, I have decided that I must buy this one, so I won't regret. And I totally don't regret! There was one more thing funny about it, the day I bought this coat, lately I was walking on the street and I found 10euro bill! (it was approximately the price of the coat haha, how lucky was I?) I am also wearing pullover from last winter (second hand), pants (F&F), shoes (Deichmann), bag (dad's) and scarf I got as a present last birthday.
I hope you enjoy this #ootd.

It was VERY windy, just sayin'


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