Sunday, 12 April 2015

Cooking diary #1


so I want to show you some of my last cooking I did.
I love cooking, I am used to cook what my mom taught me, but last few weeks I have started enjoying recreating her recipes or ones I found on the internet or just making up mine.

So first I want to show you what I made for Holy Thursday dinner. We call this day Zelený štvrtok (Green Thursday) because it's a tradition to eat spinach soup. In Slovakia there are many people who don't like this kind of soup. I do like it, but I wanted to try something new, and as I bought day before two bigger pieces of salmon, I decided to combine it.
So I defrosted the spinach, lay it on the baking pan making a 'bed', then I saled the salmon and put them on the spinach bed. I put on some vegetables like carrots and leak. Them cooked for about half an hour.

Here is the final with basmati rice:

An another food I made, was an experiment, because of the extreme conditions. I spent one afternoon with my friend Lujza, we were taking photos and developing them (it was such an amazing experience!), we were at her family's cottage, with limited amount of water and food. But I got this idea what to cook, so we made it. It maybe doesn't look much tasty, but on the contrast, it was delicious!

If you ask what is inside. Onion, cole (in Slovak- kel), cod fish (in can), ketchup. This was cooked together and mixed with the pasta.

Last thing I want to share is a chocolate pancake recipe. This recipe gave me my friend, that her friend gave her. It was supposed to be one huge pancake, but as I wanted to share with my family, I did about 7 smaller ones.

125 ml husked spelt flour
10 ml of water
1 table-spoon of olive oil
1 table-spoon of honey
1/4 teaspoon of baking powder
1/2 of milk (I used soy milk)
a bit of salt

First mix the dry ingredients and after add liquid ingredients.
Fry on a fry pan with olive oil.

I spread on cottage cheese and fruit yoghurt. But you can go with anything.

I hope you like this post, lemme know in the comments, which one would you try.

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