Thursday, 21 January 2016

Life in Bratislava #2

Welcome in Bratislava, Zochova subway crossing, a place where my today unplanned journey begun. After morning waking up at 6, having pancakes at 7 and leaving house 8.30am.

The journey it continued up to Palisady, Partizánska, until came to Myjavská streets. (need to remind that even on map it seems ok, it was uphill whole time and I had no clue where I am or where am I going to haha. I was just enjoying the view, beautiful architecture and hoping to come to the top of the hill, and I did. Continue photos.

Last three photos from Slavín monument. It is a memorial of died soviet soldiers which freed Slovakia nacists at the end of 2WW. It also their cemetery. It was a so peaceful place, very beautiful as well and full of national proudness. Leaving the place was quite hard. But as it was the top of the hill I saw very nice building little down so I went down to find it.

This was the building which I saw from up I needed to find out what is was. Ladies and gentleman, this is an elementary school, a historical building and in past- orphanage house! It took my attention as it looked very similiary to the Westminster cathedral in London haha

 After passing these beautiful villas, I came to SAV bus stop (to those who know Bratislava, so imagine how much I walked haha) for sure 3 hours.


Here is small comparison of ministry of Justice in Slovakia(down) and ministy of justice London(up)

At the end I would like to share some ideas I was thinking of today.
-yesterday I posed on facebook that I have a craving for travelling, well I was thinking about going out from Slovakia. But today's trip showed me that even Slovakia has much to offer I didn't realize
-I mean so much that second, I totally fell in love with Slavin, with the castle view, with every building I saw today old or modern
-when I will be older, I want to live in that part of city- Stare Mesto or Nove Mesto ♥
-I felt so patriotic-->
-->we in Slovakia have much things/places to be very proud of! Let's care about them ;)

I hope you liked!
with love,

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