Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Life in Bratislava #3

hello there,

finally back to myself! I officially ended the third semester on uni ♥ what a journey already, can't seriously wait for what's ahead!

so as last year after winter exams I got to explore MY city- link here if you didn't see, today morning I though after the exam I will just sleep, but no no. I left house walking towards unknown and found such places, my heart felt in love with Bratislava (once again haha ♥)
see yourself

I am open to any valuable critics :)

with love,


  1. Velmi pekne, co sa tyka kritiky... mne sa osobne nepaci pouzitie objektivu na tretej fotke zdola, ked to tak umelo zdeformuje budovu. Pri ludoch sa to da vyuzit ako fajn efekt, ale pri architekture to kazi estetiku.

  2. MOc pekne, fotky aj budovy. Maggi ma pravdu, potrebovala by si shift-tilt objektiv :)