Wednesday, 19 March 2014


For past two weeks I was trying to dress differently each day and I would like to share some outfits with you.
It all started at the beginning of the school year, when I came up with an idea of ‘one-week-fashion’, which is basically creating outfit for each day in one theme. I wasn’t able to do it, so I gave it up. However, lately I’ve been inspired by ‘facebook-mind-support’ (I mean pictures with writings that are supposed to cheer us up) and I decided to present myself more by the style I like to wear.
The feedback isn’t always positive, because people don’t understand me. But I don’t care. I know that good things don’t come easy and I can’t give up because of others.
This is what fashion means to me-to show my originality, to show how different I am. I don’t want to be a part of the crowd, I want to stand out. The society nowadays makes it very blur the line of how original a person can be, until they are too original. And if you cross that line, people suddenly don’t understand anymore.
I’m proud of myself, that I’m original! And I love the looks I get. And even though people judge me, or even hate me I don’t think of them as haters yet that they don’t understand me. And that’s ok.
I hope you will enjoy my first outfit. I had to take the pictures by myself, the camera isn’t great but it doesn’t matter.
I actually thought I lost the camera, that’s why I couldn’t post this post earlier. But I found it under pillows in the sofa and I’m so happy I almost cried!

Anyway, here we go!

Bag: I have no idea, guess it was m grandma's
Dress: some store from UK 

Deichmann Slovakia


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