Tuesday, 15 April 2014


It has been long time since I posted. I went to High Tatras (Yay!). We went for a hike and there was snow, foggy, sunny, april weather. I felt so many times but it worth it.

So the traveling was good and relativity fast (3 and half hours) what is fast for the Slovak Rails. :-) After than I went with my friend to some grocery shopping, I bought a cucumber, if you are girl and you have a crazy dirty-mined friend than you will understand why we were laughing all the weekend ... We had to travel an another 30minutes by bus and finally we came to Tatranska Lomnica. The village we stayed in. We met with other people, went for a dinner and lately we met all the people that came for the hike.
At the friday morning I went for a walk and I bumped into an another friend. Later we left the household and we took the train and around 9.45am we headed out. Around 1pm the got to the top of the hill- our trip. The view was breath taking! Loved every moment of it! Yes, walking up hill was hard.
Check the photos to see if it was worth it.

After we came back from the hike we went to hot tub. I really enjoyed the relax after the hike!

On Sunday I went to a family party. My parents are having a 20th year of their marriage. I really enjoyed it also.

Have a great day!

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