Monday, 7 April 2014

Plaid farmer's shirt

I found this plaid shirt at the store and I fell in love. I had to pair it with high waisted pants (not that high, but suspenders helped it a little.)

As you can see I have a bandage on my left hand. I was taking horse to the field but he suddenly started to be in rush and I couldn't follow him because of the bushes around so I tried to pull the rope, but he is (of course) stronger than me, so I had to release the rope, but it got stuck around my left thumb. At first I couldn't feel it at all, but FORTUNATELY all the nerves in my hand got back and I could feel my thumb. It was awful half-minute. Could you imagine that you don't have a thumb because of the horse? Oh, I'm so glad.
Anyways, here is my gorgeous outfit. I love the combination of the plaid shirt and the sky blue pants. Don't laugh at my bag, I don't have any black bag, so I took this laptop one. Oh well. I have a SWAG, so it doesn't really bothered me.
The friend of mine took pictures of me and I'm so thankful! So, enjoy!

Love you bunches!

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  1. The last one is BEST!
    But I love the post, outfit and You!