Friday, 20 June 2014

Scooter trip #2


At first it was supposed to be a trip to take as many pictures as possible, but it turned out to be about my relaxing. I needed this time for myself since wednesday this week. It has been such a hard week, weeks, month because it's the last of school and every teacher MUST give us exam. Fortunately, some classes turned out to be good, some not. Well, I have one more year to go.
I kinda got lost while I was on today's scooter trip. At least I got to know better surroundings areas.
Enjoy pictures

I'm going to Prague (first time in my entire life!) this Sunday, I'm beyond excited and I know you will love pictures! I'm also planing to go to see some second-hand stores, I have seen some Czech bloggers that had pretty good stuff from them so I hope I'll be lucky with that!
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