Sunday, 13 July 2014

England-Bakewell; day and outfit #1

so as I came back to Slovakia, it's my turn to show you all my outfits. This trip was WONDERFUL! I wish I know a better word how to describe it (lol).

On Tuesday morning I woke up early, we drove to Bratislava airport, as we came there, there was a loooooong row of people waiting for check-in desk. because we had one luggage, we had to wait, and even we came 2 hours earlier, we lost a lot of time waiting there and later during the security check we had like 5 minutes until they close our gate, my mom was like we have enough time, but suddenly security told me and my mom to put off our shoes and we had to wait another minutes, but my shoes didn't come! My mom rushed to passport security, but my shoes still didn't come! One worker suggested me to look at an another line, and they were there. I was very nervous! I didn't even have time to put them on, so I run barefoot to passport security and run through! When we came to gate, it was still open (ugh...) I was kinda mad. I had to run through the airport barefoot, and they wrote the time wrong.
And this wasn't even that bad as it was when we landed in Liverpool. Everything was fine, until we came to car rental (I won't write the name) and they told us that they don't have our car, because last people that had it, didn't come yet. They told us to wait like 40 minutes. I was like 'okay'. We came back and that women told us that we need to wait an another hour. I wouldn't be that mad as I was if she told us at least one 'sorry'. But the whole time she was acting like it really doesn't brother her and it's even our foult. People like this irritate me so MUCH!
Finally, we got our car and we left Liverpool. We had a GPS navigation. And that navigation (my mom named her Evangelina) took us all over the England, through the most narrow roads, and the smallest villages. We saw some pretty scenery, but it took like 3 hours to get to Rowsley, where my sister's working. Later we went to Saintsbury's to shop some vegetables. And we went to Bakewell where we booked our room in a family. They hosted us whole week. They were very nice people.

So this is a quick review of my first day, here are some pictures:

  Just few minutes before we met with my amazing sister!
 A park in Matlock
Dinner #1

Here is my outfit, I hope you like it

Wish you to have a great start of the week!!
I'll post more later!


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