Tuesday, 15 July 2014

England-Bakewell; day and outfit #2

this is a capture of a church's gallery in Manchester.

Hello my dears!

So, today I'm going to reveal my second day in UK.

So in the morning we went with my mom to pick up my sister. We went to Manchester. It was a nice city, but not as much as Bakewell where we stayed. We went to some charity shops and I bought this nice blue hat (my sister and the shop assistant made me to, I'm so grateful to them for that lol). And in an another charity shop I found this dress I fell in love with on the first sight!! ♥ Later we went to Primark, and I know, so many people fell in love with that shop ( I did too ♥). So, now even I don't have many things from UK, I found very good places to shop- Primark and charity shops! In Primark, they even had my size of shoes! You will see the other pair later, this (with the dress) is first. I have always wanted black high heels! :3
You can see two outfits, its because it wouldn't be me if I didn't make dirty something, something like my white blouse, so the only thing I had with me, was the dress, so why I can't change? So I ended the same day in a different outfit. lol
The  funniest thing about my second outfit were looks people gave me, me walking around them. I kinda liked it, so I felt pretty good, like a star, like somebody important. :)

So let's go to pictures:

outfit #1

outfit #2

I would live to hear what you think, which one is better?

my sister also wrote a blog about my trip HERE ♥ don't forget to check it!

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