Sunday, 20 July 2014

UK-Wales--Cardiff; day and outfit #3

"When you dress in vintage, you are constantly reminded that people have loved as hard as you, fought as hard as you, cried as much as you, f*cked as much as you, wished they were dead and than lived lives long enough to bequeath their most memorable dresses to their grandchildren." 
Emma Forrest for ELLE magazine 
When I read this quote I was thinking about the history of fashion, how much it has changed, but let's be real, fashion doesn't change. It grows upon a big, huge ravel that is made from different pieces from different decades, maybe it may seem to you that is ugly, but actually it's a beautiful ball of amazing history in it. 

So the 3th day in England was lovely as the other ones. We drove almost 250km to Cardiff (Wales) to meet my sister's best friend Stefani. She was so lovey and I'm so glad I got finally to meet her!

After we came there, we went to find a cafeteria where Stefani works, but fortunately she jumped out of nowhere at my sister so it was easier. We ate there and I had probably the best salad in my whole life! Check it yourself! It was more than delicious!

And here are some more pictures including my outfit #3

Hope you like it!

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