Thursday, 24 July 2014

England-Bakewell; day and outfit #4


so here is a review of the day before the last one in UK. I hope you'll like it. We stayed in Bakewell, we went for a walk with my mom, I found a store (or how to call it) where you could make your own porcelain! So I made one mug. I didn't take a picture of it yet, but if you follow me on my INSTAGRAM you may see it later.

Then we went to pick up my sister and her friend Lujza and we all went to Bolsover castle. It was very nice, consider by yourself ;)

After we came back, me, my mom and My sister Maggi went for an another walk in Bakewell, and went to a dinner in a very nice restaurant

 This is my meal, it was a fish in bacon with baked garlic and potatoes (Yum!)
My mom and Maggi had the same.

And of course here is my outfit :) It's a cropped shirt from Primark, sandals from Deichmann, skirt F&F, blazer- vintage


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