Thursday, 14 August 2014


So, as going back to 'normal' I would love to share this outfit with you. A lot of things are going on in my life now. I started takings pictures- sessions with actually people who want this sessions! I'm also preparing for taking English certificate. And my senior year starts in like 2 and half weeks (I like school, but I'm really not prepared for my senior year!)

Well, this is probably only third outfit of this summer, so sorry for that. And even this outfit is like for autumn weather, well this summer decided to be cold, so I must follow it (yes, I have winter stockings! lol) I'm sick right now (I probably just blow an another tissue -_-) 

Lovers of vintage clothing will love this- I found this jacket during cleaning our , my grand-grandma used to wear it during the World War II! I almost fell on my butt when my mom told me this!
Enjoy outfit!

 These earrings are form UKRAINE! ♥ My friend Alen(k)a bought me them- isn't she amazing! 

These new shoes are my new pride! No, no Dr. Martens, but they are from Poland market (Nowy Targ). The seller said that are hand made, but I wouldn't trust it lol Cheap and lovely (I'm so totally freakin' in love with them ♥)


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