Thursday, 21 August 2014

Happy ending

I'm bringing this post here to show the city I lived in for the first 5 years of my life. The capital city of Slovakia- Bratislava. This trip was mega spontaneous, only 8 hours before I left I decided that I'm going. What a surprise lol! Of course, I have needed to go there because I wanted to buy books for the admissions to Medical Faculty of University of Comenius. Yes, I'm going to be a doctor (if I make them (♪♫). Back to yesterday trip, I enjoyed time with myself :3

To be honest, I'm totally addicted to this song! Please switch it on, while you're read this post

 "Look how beautiful you are!"

"Help to the helpless."

"On what bench is he going to sleep tomorrow?"

"What is the next place I'm gonna fly?"

I have a good story about the cup you can see on this picture. I went to a restaurant in a Train station and I asked for a green tea, honey, lemon and all of this to take out. The face of the waiter was indescribably funny, he was like "I must look if we have something like this". After he left I had to laugh. And when he came back with this long green straw... oh my! Made my day :) 


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