Monday, 11 May 2015

Sky skater



I don't know about you, but I am enjoying this weather so much! Be honest, I am mostly inside (studying), but on the other hand, if I go outside, I am happy not wearing so many layers. And only skirts! They make me happy, I love skirts. Skirts with high heels, with sandals, with sneakers. haha I found that I lack skirts, even though I have about 7 skirts, it is not enough to choose from. I should go shop for some, but I don't have even time to breathe, as so many deadlines and maturita is everyday closer and closer. 
next week is my last week in high school
feels weird
but I guess I am used to this feeling, like it's my last time
last time being high schooler
I know I had little break down that I won't miss high school, as the end is coming closer I am realizing that I will miss it.

Anyway, enjoy this outfit!
shirt- dad's, jacket- secondhand, skirt- sister's, shoes- Deichmann

new sunnies! Yay ♥


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