Tuesday, 18 August 2015

London mood #1

 Hello my dear readers,

I am very sorry for being so so so so late and behind of blogging. I guess some of you already forgot about me, and I am not surprised about it at all. I hope you will come back to me even after me being so late.
To keep you up about what is new, I am in London since 25th of June. And that is the first reason why I couldn't post, I didn't take my laptop with me. Now I have my friend's, so that is why I am able to post this post. London has thought me in as much ways as possible. If you want to know, I am working here only. I work in McDonald's and as a waitress. I am not ashamed of these jobs, because it is something I enjoy doing. :)

Why write so much? I hope you will enjoy my photos! All of them are from the first days here,

The view from The Sky Garden

Views from the Tower bridge.

I have many many posts to come!

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