Thursday, 20 August 2015

London mood #2

Hello again,

now I will try to make up three months I didn't post. haha
So today I am coming with a new post, with new almost 20 photos. The park you can see on these photos is called Hampstead Heath. And if you ever go to London, this is the must-see park, honestly I haven't seen prettiest park then this one. Especially in the evening as you can see on photos.

Sometimes I found myself wondering how the life changes so fast. This year is so memorable in every single way possible. I finished my high school years, I worked two months in a different country, I had to work enough hours to pay rent and life here, and honestly, London isn't the cheapest city to live in haha. And next month I will be a university student, oh my... Have no idea what to think, what to expect. But life has thought me not to expect anything, I guess I will do the same again.

The rest of photos as just random of my busy life, when there was no time to go anywhere and take photos.

5am in the morning

Just a casual 'everyday work' outftit

Camden market


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