Sunday, 30 August 2015

London mood #3


Ya'll know that English weather, the day taking these photos was one of them in the long time. maybe it was the weather's fault, or the 'time of the month' but I felt like I must be alone. So I was. Taking the first bus, getting off somewhere and realizing it was this beautiful court.
The meaning of these photos are kind of depression, melancholic and sad.
I believe everyone in their life has days like this, just to be alone and think. I used this day of mine to take these photos. Hopefully you will enjoy them.

I decided to post these today, as I got the same mood again. But today is a lazy day for me, in Slovakia is too hot weather to go outside and do something useful. So I just stayed inside, slept and decided to post.



  1. Wow, to ma uzasnu atmosferu! Je to miestom ci super fotografiami?