Sunday, 27 September 2015

New september


how are you all doing? I have been busy as a bee. I started college, if you are curious- I am studying general medicine! (Like whaaaaat!!) I am really happy about it, I can't wait until I finish to start do it for real. I have been there for one week now, I don't have enough of it. That means I am currently living in Bratislava. This weekend I spent at home, so I decided to take my outfit photos on the same place as I used to take many photos before :) Like a little memory about how life and time pass.
Wearing shirt and coat from Slovak secondhand, scarf- London charity shop (♥), pants- Primark and shoes- Poland market.

I don't promise to post often, as I broke my promises long time ago. I will finish posting about London, maybe one-two posts. But no sooner than next week as I don't have wifi at my place in Bratislava :(
I wish you the best!


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