Saturday, 10 October 2015

London mood #4 (OXFORD city)

Hello there,

today we will go back in time, it's 15.8.2015, 6.30am looking for a nice blue bus with a huge sign where it goes. Oxford city! The ride took almost 2 hours, but as the city is welcoming us with the sun rising it was worth it. 

Also this nice man was welcoming as well, just had to laught. Imagine you are an alive sign .. (hahaha)

The first stop was a nice baguette cafeteria, having healthy breakfast with come coffee, was a great start to this lovely day off.

As we didn't really have any idea what is in the city we just took the first street and went along. We found many many and many more beautiful places. Many breath-taking buildings and bridges.

One of the famous one- The bridge of sights

After 3 hours of walking we had lunch and after we went to a botanic garden. You know, when you work month without really having a day off and you find such a quiet place and nature, you have nothing else to do than sleeping. It may sound funny, but I slept on the grass in botanic garden in Oxford for almost an hour. Literally the best idea of the day! After we took an another walk and were discovering many more places, buying gifts for family and friends and after having a tea after five the trip got to the final stage. As we bought bus tickets around 10pm, we had to wait. We had a drink in a bar and chatted and absorbed the last moments in this amazing city. Then we took the bus, got off on Marble Arch and took our lovely 16 to Cricklewood bus garage... Oh how lovely memories. I can't believe how is possible to but such a great day in one post, but sometimes you don't even have enough words.

Now time for you also absorb some calm, peace and the harmony of this city!

Enjoy ♥

I hope you enjoined these

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