Friday, 12 February 2016

Ceci travels #5 Czech republic/Karlove Vary

hello everyone

Today I decided to share photos from Karlove Vary. As I already wrote on instagram I totally fell in love with this city. Even more than I thought I will so. Just have a close look on the buildings in the first photo. I love that all building remained in this one part of the city, and no modern buildings disturb the harmony of them.  
The day was a quite hectic, as we wanted to make it there on the mass at 10.30 but woke up later than planned and had to rush to much, we managed to come to the church on the minute exact time haha then we went to the newer part of the city and went to the Moser factory. It is a glass factory and even thou I didn't very want to go I was happy that we did go as it was very interesting and fascinating how the glass was being done. 

just beautiful (and expensive of course as it is all hand work!) 

Then we went back to the historical centre, had lunch and just walked around. There are no words to describe it more as I couldn't stop taking photos and breathing in the atmosphere. I was also lucky that my camera's battery managed to stay working, as I forgot it charge it. Why? Because I forgot the charger in Bratislava... yah stupid.
Let's move on to the photos, I hope you will enjoy as much as I did enjoy being there ♥♥

and the last few photos under this, I want to show. Seriously, I wouldn't lie, not intentionally I looked up around the city when we were walking down the main square when I saw this soci-looked building on the hill. Even that my parents didn't want to go, I insisted that I must see what is there. It was an abandoned SPA part of the hotel which was right next to it, the view was stunning (the first photo) and the soci architecture was seriously breathtaking and at the same time it was all sad that it had become abandoned. Have a look by yourself on more photos.

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