Saturday, 9 April 2016

Ceci travels #6 Germany/Ulm

 Hello, my dears!

Today I wanna present you few photos (not really few haha) from my beautiful trip all the way to south Germany city of Ulm. Even the name has so nice sound, right? I have one classmate who is living close to the city so since with my parents we were driving to Strasbourg (soon a post about) for the Easter holiday we stopped for few hours here and had a beautiful walk through the city with my friend Andrea :) 

On the top photo,  you can see the Cathedral, which is probably the most known from Ulm, so huge and breathtaking, see two photos below from the inside!


Here come more city photos, I hope you will feel the city atmosphere as much as I did enjoy the city with such typical german historical building style, also some new style architecture which was that different that I loved it!

This was my favourite building from modern style, mirrors!! ♥♥♥

Hope you liked, keep updated more coming soon!


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