Friday, 13 May 2016

Reality, as you haven't experienced it, and you won't

it has probably been around a week already since I have started to think what am I going to write you about. I want my posts to be more than about just an outfit. 

Last week I was talking with one friend of mine about some relationship problems (not bf-gf). It made me think of the reasons why people get in argue. Once I was talking about this with my mom, I think, and she said something that keeps resonating in my mind- "Just because you have your reality like something, doesn't necessary mean that the others have the same." I would suggest you, imagine it as you have a bubble 'YOU' around yourself, but keep in mind that also each person has its own bubble. Also, just because I see an apple red, you with your own reality see the apple as reddish- green color. Moreover, because you see the problem somewhere, doesn't mean that he sees it there too. Or if both of you know there is a problem, he probably will see a different reason of the problem than you, meaning he will want to work on a different thing than you to solve it. One may think it is bad, or confusing, or stupid. I believe it is amazing. How amazing is the fact, that we need one another to work out the best? It is like a jigsaw, one piece need the rest to make out a beautiful image. Once I heard that there exists a theory that the World is a piece of carpet, and each string in that carpet is a person, a when all these people work together, they make a masterpiece. To make this possible, I believe the MOST important thing is the will of both people (in a case of any type of relationship), to work things out. One way will to solve something, will lead into an argument, as the second person doesn't (or don't want) to respect the other person.
  • As the conclusion, next time you feel to argue with someone about something, think firstly about that he/she may see the problem differently, thus it is more important to explain your opinion clearly, not like splashing it into the person's face.
  • Also, here comes the explanation of the name of this post, you can't experience my reality, so I can't yours. We just need to find a way how to work our differences to make a masterpiece.
thank you, if you have any comment, question, or simply want to add something, don't hesitate and feel free to ask in comments or on mail-

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