Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Ceci travels #8 France/Paris


as I landed into rainy Bratislava yesterday, came home, at 15pm, I didn't even feel like I have ever left somewhere. Anyway, here are some of my thoughts I had during those (almost) four days.

  • Paris is one beautiful city. Even I don't like the marketing idea of making it a city of love, anyway it was quite clean in my opinion, even that I didn't go to all mainstream places, also those not so popular were cleaner then you would think it will be as so many people live in this city. 
  • One of the things I probably enjoy the most is passing through an invisible wall between being a tourist and an inhabitant of the city. The moment happens when you either live in the city for more than a month or if you even as a tourist go to places where no tourist would go through their holidays in the city. This time, I went to one social suburban called Ivry-sur-Seine. If you remember this post from London,it looked very similarly in the architecture design, or maybe in the urban style. I don't know, but seeing people there (if any) was quite giving the feeling of an inhabitant more than the tourist, even that I had the bag like you see on the up photo (so I looked like a tourist haha).
  • I don't want to live in Paris. I would LOVE to live in the suburban place like Ivry-sur-Seine, but not in Paris and close area of it. Why do you ask? Just because city, and I enjoy more the quietness of woods and close connection to nature. 
  • One main thing I also enjoyed about Paris was the arrangement of architecture within the city. The buildings did match, meaning, you didn't get disturbed by the mixing of the modern and historical buildings (which were clean and reconstructed). Also, I loved that when you walked through the city, you didn't get over disturbed by many advertisments. They were there, but in London you couldn't enjoy the architecture as too many of them were there.
  • I love their baguettes.
  • I have madly fallen in love with their fashion sense, I mean Paris definitely wins over London in fashion for me.
  • If you ever go to Paris, and have money and want to buy special and unique stuff, check out this store- KILO SHOP. Definitely, worth going and buying stuff there, you pay for the weight (20E/kg up to 60E/kg) what was too much for my budget, but I enjoyed looking at least at the stuff. Also never go into this shop during a weekend, you wouldn't manage to get in. ;)
  • It was quite funny for me to talk English to people in a store and they talking back in French. Like it was nonsense haha. I really didn't believe when I was told that french people don't speak English with you, like never haha, now I do.
  • Their metro (underground, tube) looks so cool, so old-schooled, but renovated and just stylish.
  • I love making lists, but I suppose it is enough, hope you will enjoy the photos.

Now come few photos from Ivry-sur-Seine

Luxembourg gardens

La Défense, no words to explain my enjoyment of seeing this arch ♥

In this last photo, I want to express the feeling of living in a huge city.

Just a quick note, if you are interested, I spend approximately 105E only on the transport (2x plane, 2x bus to airport, city transportation.) I am not a person to do a detailed budget, but I think the final sum of all spend money wasn't more than 130E- Paris for 4days. I approve ;)

I hope you enjoyed my quick overview of Paris by my eyes. Wish me luck to manage my budget to leave asap after my last exam on 9th of jun! No specific plan yet, I suppose it wil be very spontaneous, but I like stuff that way :)

with love,

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