Thursday, 2 June 2016

Treasures of Slovakia/Banska Bystrica #1

I decided to begin this photography series of treasures of Slovakia. Mainly I will focus on buildings, which lately I have been upset with (as you probably could have alredy guessed :P).

-This first post will be about city Bansk√° Bystrica. It is the 5th biggest city in Slovakia, located in the central of Slovakia, on the river Hron, and in the valley of Low Tatras and Velka Fatra. It was first mentioned around the year 1255 (wooow). There are many universities, one most famous Univerzita of Matej Bel.
-My connection with this city comes as here in SZU University, last year after maturita I was doing the entrance examination for Physiotherapy, I also got in, but since medicine was my first option, I study medicine now.
-I didn't have such good expectation of this trip, as once I was there during my entrance examination, I was in the newer part of the city and didn't enjoy as much. I was terrible wrong, the old part of the city was breathtaking (yes the buildings mainly haha).

hope you enjoy the photos, Zilina post will be coming soon, and feel free to suggest me another city you think I should visit.


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