Tuesday, 26 July 2016

squares, sunset and curtains

The trip to Kosice started in Bojnice, continued to Detva and to Kosice. But since we love abandoned with my sister, we must have stopped in Lovinobana. Never heard about before, but the lonely looking, abandoned factory took our attention. Had a look into the empty windows, closed by laced curtains, hiding the beds and empty rooms behind them. Maybe because it looks like prison we loved every inch of this place.

 Once you think you are happy as a flea, then you realize that you have nothing. Nothing to be happy about, but still and still happy about it. And the time stops. The heart beat stops. And you are suddenly enjoying every inch of the life you are living. Life is only to be lived, not owned. You own nothing.

(pictures without my tag are taken by my sister)

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