Tuesday, 25 July 2017

on my way to find myself #1; Frankfurt am Main


this sum of the photos from my quick stop in Frankfurt on my way to Bogota for three weeks!
I spent night in one hostel, I bought a female dorm. When I came there at 2am (my flight from Vienna was delayed, and came to the city center at 1am- wouldn't recommend to anyone, later by friend was told that Frankfurt is the most dangerous city in Germany at night.. I guess I was lucky!). So after I checked in I went to bed, and at the morning woke up to a room which apparently wasn't female dorm but a male dorm. Thanks hostel.. but they had a good coffee so I didn't make a deal out of it.

After great breakfast went to the city and walked and walked and got lost and was found. I really enjoy this kind of travel. Plus the city had very nice buildings, so hopefully you will enjoy my photos as much as I did enjoy the city itself! ♥



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