Sunday, 6 August 2017

on my way to find myself #2; Colombia- BOGOTA

hello again,
this summer has started to me a month ago!
For three weeks I went to Bogota, Colombia to visit my family. Since I didn't know much about Colombia, and it isn't yet very touristic country, I couldn't even google much about what to expect, so I did what is best- didn't expect anything.  And that was the best thing I could have done!
After sleep over the jet lag, I visited the city for the first time and it was very very very nice. We went to a street market which is open only on Sundays and holidays. It was very clean and people looked willingly to adjust the prices, I did take advantage of it haha. The only disadvantage and you should keep that in mind when travelling to Colombia, pickpockets and make sure you take care of your camera and all your stuff. But except this, the country itself was lovely and very enjoyable.

The next weeks went super fast, so much happened!
(in case you didn't know, I love to make lists haha)

  • Tasting the best fruits (granadilla, lulo, fejchoa ♥..)
  • Getting tens of honks at me, one man even almost ride over me by his bike.. like really? haha
  • Finding out that mango grows on tree (may sound silly but I really didn't know that mango tree is huge as our Slovak plumb trees haha)
  • I visited the Mederi hospital four times. Even had the chance to shadow on neurological surgeries!! This was probably the most exciting out of all experiences I ever had.
  • We learned how is coffee made- from the coffee trees to machines till packing and tasting the real coffee! ♥
  • They really drive crazy! I wouldn't have the courage to drive there haha
  • Bogota city is not very tourist-like, I was quite happy having always a local with me.
  • Did you know Bogota is on a mountain? It's 2,640 metres (8,660 ft) above sea level. 
cont. for random photos from Bogota, which are random and colourful as the city was ♥

this last view is from Monserrate church (above Bogota, so app 3200 above sea level!).


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