Saturday, 21 October 2017

on my way to find myself #7; Mito&Tsuchiura


today I want to share with you my photos from cities Mito and Tsuchiura, both in close radius from Tsukuba, where I stayed the whole August! I traveled there for one day, 5.8.2017. Somehow I ended up attending two parades and finding beautiful places!

I chose Mito as my destination only as it was close, not so expensive to get there by bus+train and I wanted the adventure of traveling alone by bus. And it definitely was. The buses work differently in Japan. First of all, you get in at back door (not the door at the driver), and you take a ticket from machine. There is a display of next stop on a screen- also in the english alphabet! When you want to get off, you must press the stop button, and leave by the front door- you must pay the driver (amount is written on the screen).
In Mito I rented a bike, rode whole day and saw so much!

  • brutalist architecture

  • beautiful parks

  • shrines, temples...

I stopped at Tsuchiura only because I had to change there train to bus, and I saw one different building from train, so I decided to stop over there to find that building! As I got off the train, I asked at tourist information about the building- I was describing it like an idiot (lol, but really I saw it for like 20sec from the train window)-- the nice lady there exactly knew which I meant! What a coincidence. Well this is it!

then I saw more brutalist architecture and parade!

and then was time to take bus back and get 'home' tired and happy!


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